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29. August 2011

Rumbar Girls in Cape Town

Rumbar Girls in Cape Town

Rumbababar, OH YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!
Cheerio, here we go :-)

Do ya remember … summer 2010, world cup in South Africa … with the first Rumbar Girls hit „Feel the spririt“???
We had such a great time…
In the beginning we thought: “10.000 views on YouTube would be great”.
Now we have 1.4 MIO VIEWS!!!!!

And who do we have to thank for this?
Our fans! AND South Africa for a legendary world cup.
That’s why we decided to go to Cape Town … we wanted to celebrate at the source of our success.
With fans, and friends, and our sponsor STROH who made this happen.

We met some cuuuuuuteeee boys :-)


These guys are huge STROH-fans … Look at their outfit!!! ;-)

The key to a big Rumbar Girls party: A small STROH 80 stamp…

Our South African fans are great party people … they celebrate the peaceful “Spirit of Austria!”

More sexy boys! :-P

In the evenings we scouted the hotspots of Cape Town.
Greenpoint is a great place to go … there’s a very open-minded atmosphere with young professionals and great bars!

You really should go to the Cubana … it’s an authentic Latino Social Caffé with fantastic music and delicious meals.

We also recommend the Buena Vista … you get original Cuban cigars there ;-) And very good wine!



  • 1 part STROH cream
  • 1 part Peppermint Liqueur
  • 1 part STROH 80


12. July 2010

World Cup is over :/

World Cup is over :/

The World Cup 2010 is over and “Feel the spirit” passed 500.000 Views on YouTube!!!!!!!!! Good News: STROH Austria will pick another Rumbar Girls Song for their Winter Promotions :) ))))) Thanks to everybody here on Facebook and the people @ STROH! . This Cocktail is for YOU!! EnJoy & Cheers everybody! Congrats to Spain!

28. June 2010

World Cup in South Africa

World Cup in South Africa

The tension is high! The round of the last 16 is here and we passed 300.000 views on YouTube.  So it’s time to celebrate!