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1. July 2011

Around the world!

Around the world!

Hello Rumbar Girls-Fans all around the world,
perhaps you’ll ask yourself: What’s going on here? :-)

Well, we had a fantastic year with our worldcup anthem „Feel the spririt“ and the Aprés-Ski-hit „In the snow“
Some music journalists called us „The web hype of the year“ because of our 2 Mio. views on youtube and thousands of song downloads

OMG, it was really A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

We did a lot of promo, travelled to different countries and met so many crazy party people on different hotspots … A DREAM BECAME TRUE.
And now we wanna show you our amazing year „AROUND THE WORLD“ … with lots of pics and stories, recommendations and GREAT DRINKS

Talking of drinks … “Thank you, thank you, thank you” to our sponsor STROH … They made it happen!

Hope you enjoy our blog!

Daisy & the rest of The Rumbar Girls

13. January 2011

YouTube: 1 Million views

YouTube: 1 Million views

Feel the views

This is a very special moment for all of us! Our Summer Party Song “Feel the Spirit”, released during the world cup 2010 in South Africa, just passed 1.000.000 Views on YouTube. So it’s now one of the approx. 0,33 % videos on YouTube with more than a million views!!!

Thanks everybody on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and of course STROH Austria, who believed in us and supported the song!!


Bella, Daisy and Michelle

10. November 2010

New Pics…

New Pics…
Bella Libre - The Rumbar Girls

New Song and Pics

We put some new pics in the gallery. Taken from the shooting of our new Xmas Song and Aprés Ski hit 2010. Hope you like it :)

Bella, Daisy and Michelle…

Rumbar Girls – Pics