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20. February 2013

MEXICO 80 – Cocktail

MEXICO 80 – Cocktail

1 part- Tequila Gold
1 part – Coffee liqueur
1 part- STROH 80

13. January 2011

YouTube: 1 Million views

YouTube: 1 Million views

Feel the views

This is a very special moment for all of us! Our Summer Party Song “Feel the Spirit”, released during the world cup 2010 in South Africa, just passed 1.000.000 Views on YouTube. So it’s now one of the approx. 0,33 % videos on YouTube with more than a million views!!!

Thanks everybody on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and of course STROH Austria, who believed in us and supported the song!!


Bella, Daisy and Michelle

10. January 2011

New free ringtone download

New free ringtone download

You’ve got one of those new fancy smartphones? Like the iPhone, or an Android, like the HTC Desire, or Samsung Galaxy S?

Well, we’ve got somethin nice to pimp it up: Check out our new fresh mp3 download:

17. November 2010

Bella’s Top Aprés Ski Hits

Bella’s Top Aprés Ski Hits

Ski Fans watch out! I’ve picked some of my favourite Après Ski Hits :) Haning our with friends after a long day of snowboarding and skiing and drink some nice hot Glühwein or Jagertee is just great. So this kind of music fits perfect for a nice après ski party :) ) enJoy. Hope you like the list. Bella

Bellas’s top après ski and party hits

  1. Opus – Live is life
    Not a classic apres ski hit, I know. But I heard in on my first day of learning snowboarding:) With this song my motivation came back ;-)
  2. Schifoan Wolfgang Ambros – It’s an austrian song in german, but a classic one
  3. Almklausi - Die pure Lust am Leben – Fun
  4. Chris Boettcher – 10 Meter geh’
  5. Anton aus Tirol – DJ Ötzi – At least one song of DJ Ötzi has to be in every apres ski hit list, sorry :)

Après Ski Hits

12. November 2010

Michelle’s TOP Xmas Songs

Michelle’s TOP Xmas Songs

Hi folks! Picking top ten lists is always very hard for me :) But here are my favourite Xmas Songs of all time.

Michelle’s greatest christmas songs

  1. Wham – Last Christmas
    I know, not a very orignal choice, but Michael, the hair and the snow are just classic.
  2. Wonderful Christmastime … Paul McCartney
    I’m a Beatles fan :)
  3. Do they know it’s Christmas Time – Band Aid
    It’s just great to see all the Stars like Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen etc. singing together!
  4. Little Drummer Boy – different Versions
  5. Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home for Christmas
    Blink, baby
10. November 2010

New Pics…

New Pics…
Bella Libre - The Rumbar Girls

New Song and Pics

We put some new pics in the gallery. Taken from the shooting of our new Xmas Song and Aprés Ski hit 2010. Hope you like it :)

Bella, Daisy and Michelle…

Rumbar Girls – Pics

3. November 2010

“In the Snow” – new song

“In the Snow” –  new song

The dark days before Christmas are coming closer and closer, but…..let there be light! We have something to cheer you up!

As you probably have seen already on our Facebook page, we recorded a new song with videoclip, and it will be released at the 8th of november! Don’t miss it, mark it in your calendar, write it on your hand, stick a post-it on the fridge, do whatever you can to make sure you will not forget this date!

Christmas Songs 2010 | New Songs 2011

12. July 2010

World Cup is over :/

World Cup is over :/

The World Cup 2010 is over and “Feel the spirit” passed 500.000 Views on YouTube!!!!!!!!! Good News: STROH Austria will pick another Rumbar Girls Song for their Winter Promotions :) ))))) Thanks to everybody here on Facebook and the people @ STROH! . This Cocktail is for YOU!! EnJoy & Cheers everybody! Congrats to Spain!

28. June 2010

World Cup in South Africa

World Cup in South Africa

The tension is high! The round of the last 16 is here and we passed 300.000 views on YouTube.  So it’s time to celebrate!