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20. September 2011

Rumbar Girls in Los Angeles

Rumbar Girls in Los Angeles


To be honest: We are absolutely overwhelmed by your feedback. Thank you for your emails and comments and your messages on facebookYOU ARE A BIG INSPIRATION!!!

Well, our first song „Feel the spririt“ was our contribution to the world cup 2010 in South Africa. But there are places “All around the World” where people prefer other sports … like basketball, baseball and AMERICAN football.
You know what I’m talkin’ about??? :-P

But Bella, Daisy and me … we had a plan. We went to Los Angeles to Rumbar the west coast of the USA :-)
First of all: It was absolutely amazing. Great weather, hot boys and a lot of glamour.
Hollywood … if you are into entertainment you have to go there.

Do you remember the TV show “Melrose Place”??? Daisy loves it! That’s why we went for a stroll on „Melrose Avenue“. It’s a cool shopping and dining destination with funky people ‘n’ shops.
We did a lot sof sightseeing … Beverly Hills, Santa Monica Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, Venice Beach and many places more!!!!
Yipiehhhh :-)

Some pics:

We also did a lot of NIGHTCLUBBING! And we always asked the DJ to play our song „Feel the spririt“ :-) A big cheers to all the open-minded guys in LA!!!!

We really recommend the legendary Viper Room on Sunset Boulevard. Cool music, cool drinks and a lot of VIPs. We enjoyed a great live show. If you love music like we do you have to go there!

Here’s a funny cover version of Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” by The Slackers directly from the Viper Room:

Another magic venue is the Avalon Hollywood. There are fantastic club nights like Avaland and Tigerheat. Even The Beatles played there … the Avalon is a legend of show biz.
Here are some great impressions of the club:

OH YEAH, we loved Los Angeles!

And here’s a LA style cocktail :-)

MEXICO 80 – Cocktail

  • 1 part STROH
  • 1 part coffee liqueur
  • 1 part- Tequila Gold


4. August 2011

Rumbar Girls around Germany

Rumbar Girls around Germany

A big CHEERS to all our fans out there!

Bella told you about our amazing time in Berlin. Well, the people there know how to party!
And the boys … soooooo cute ;-)

After Berlin we started our promo tour through Germany. Our sponsor STROH asked us to rock some hot spots with our party hits „Feel the spririt“ and „In the snow“.

First stop: A crazy skihut party in Dortmund. OMG it was so funny! All these people really enjoyed the “Spririt of Austria”.

Since our videoshoot I love the traditional “Dirndl” … seems that I’m not the only one :-)


We had some funky drinks with some funky people from Dortmund ;-)


Our summary: We had a perfect night out at the skihut party in Dortmund.


From Dortmund we directly headed towards a Miss Germany Event … Ohlala, nice girls there.
The Rumbar Girls were jealous of this perfect beauty :-)


After our great time in Germany we decided to go to Austria … it’s the homebase of our sponsor STROH.
Bella looked forward to do some skiing and Daisy ‘n’ me, we wanted to learn more about this thing called “Hüttengaudi” :-)

Warth am Arlberg … HERE WE COME!
We joined the “Perfect Sunday” party … a frosty but heartwarming experience. Especially with a STROH Jagertee!


Here’s our favourite drink from the skihut party in Dortmund (perfect for summer AND winter).

STROH Mountain Ice Tea

  • 3cl STROH
  • 4cl Vanilla Vodka
  • 1 dash Lemon Juice
  • 2cl sugar syrup
  • Fill up with Ice tea




Next time it’s getting hotter and hotter in our “Around the world”-blog…

Stay tuned!

10. June 2011

Stroh Cocktails

Stroh Cocktails

Finally summer has arrvied with all we love in this time of the year: enjoy lively parties, chill-out hour on the balcony or just having a good time with your friends somewhere outdoor.

But DO NOT FORGET: a great summer needs great summer drinks. This is why we have some nice and cool STROH summerdrinks to bring the “spirit of Austria” into this summer season:
STROH Cocktails

12. November 2010

Michelle’s TOP Xmas Songs

Michelle’s TOP Xmas Songs

Hi folks! Picking top ten lists is always very hard for me :) But here are my favourite Xmas Songs of all time.

Michelle’s greatest christmas songs

  1. Wham – Last Christmas
    I know, not a very orignal choice, but Michael, the hair and the snow are just classic.
  2. Wonderful Christmastime … Paul McCartney
    I’m a Beatles fan :)
  3. Do they know it’s Christmas Time – Band Aid
    It’s just great to see all the Stars like Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen etc. singing together!
  4. Little Drummer Boy – different Versions
  5. Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home for Christmas
    Blink, baby