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Rumbar Girls in Lithuania

Hello, ciao, hola, guten Tag, CHEERIO :-) !

“Labas” is the Lithuanian word for “Hello”. You see: It’s great to travel all around the world! New languages, new cultures, new friends … you learn a lot!

The world cup 2010 in South Africa was a big inspiration for the Rumbar Girls spirit. That’s why we called our first song „Feel the spririt“! Nomen est omen :-P
Our fans spread the word. And we want to travel the world to meet these fantastic fans!

The Lithuanian colleagues from our sponsor STROH Austria told us ’bout some cRaZY Rumbar Girls supporters from the Baltic states.
They asked us: “Do ya wanna come to Lithuania to have some fun?”
And we said: “OH YEAH, YEAH, YEAH!” ;-)

It was a great decision. Watch out for our photo diary!

First item on the agenda: A new Rumbar Girls styling! We went to the YURY hairdressers salon birthday celebration party in Vilnius.
A very nice crew :-) Thank ya for the sytling!

Our fans know that we’re into music! We wanted to see a concert. That’s why we went to the Siemens Arena in Vilnius. Great location!
Watch out for the bar ;-)

After our trip to Vilnius we went to Kaunas. What’s the best place for popstars there? Right, the Pop Star Bar :-)
It’s a great club for electronic and house music.
We met a lot of crazy people there!

We celebrated our last day in Lithuania with a party in the Shooters Bar in Vilnius.
OMG, what a night :-)

And here’s a funky drink we had in Vilnius!


Half a shot of STROH 80 – Use a bottle of STROH that has been lying in fridge, the liquid must be ice cold!

Ad a Maraschino cherry (Not just any cherry, it must be Maraschino as it quite sweet )

Top up the shooter glass with the juice of the Maraschino cherry packaging

THANK U LITHUANIA! It was Rumbatastic!

Kisses Bella

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