Rumbar Girls in Valencia

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Rumbar Girls in Valencia

Buenos días amigos :-)

First of all: Thanks 4 all the messages concerning our „Around the world“ blog. We really enjoy YOUR feedback!

„Feel the spririt“ … that’s the song where everything started. It’s a football anthem – that’s why we had to visit the country of the best football team in the world.
SPAIN … here we come!!!!
A lot of people know Barcelona and Madrid – we wanted to see something new.
Michelle said: „What about Valencia?“
And we said: „Great idea! Let’s go to Valencia!“ ;-)
It was a perfect decision! We really enjoyed the spirit of this coastal city. I was really impressed by the futuristic CIUDAD DE LAS ARTES Y LAS CIENCIAS … great museums, stunning architecture, amazing art.
Our hotel was a lucky pull. I love designer hotels … that’s why we chose the MELIA Valencia. We had a great time there … with lots of good drinks at the stylish hotel bar :-)

Some pics:

In the evening: PARTY!
We really recommend a trip to the beach where holiday atmosphere mixes up with a great nightlife.

There are plenty of places to go … you have to see the Akuarela Playa. It’s a very famous hotspot with an awesome open air party. Sometimes there’s also great live music:

We also recommend the Luna Rossa
I love orginal ideas and the Luna Rossa created one. It has a 1920ies design with posh interior and a trendy bar. Watch out, if you are in Valencia! It’s an amazing place for cool electronic music.

And here’s a funky cocktail inspired by our Valencia trip:


  • 4cl STROH
  • Orange cut into pieces
  • Limette cut into pieces
  • 1 teaspoon brown sugar
  • 0,2 l Sprite or 7up


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